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Carterhatch Lane, Enfield EN1 4JY
020 8804 2101
Carterhatch Junior School

To help promote a sense of pride and positive attitudes towards school and learning, children are strongly encouraged to wear the school uniform. High standards in learning are reflected in high standards of appearance.

White shirt, blouse
Grey trousers, grey skirt, pinafore dress, Culottes
Grey or white socks, tights
Green sweatshirts
Plain grey shorts (not athletic)
Black shoes or trainers
Summer dress, green, plain headscarves

PE Kit

(All to be kept in a PE bag)

Plain white T- shirt
Plimsolls & trainers
Spare socks
Hair band for longer hair
For outdoor games – jersey / tracksuit

All children must be properly kitted out for PE/games lessons whether indoors or out.

The following are not allowed:

T-shirts with slogans Hooped or dangling earrings (only ear studs)
Low cut blouses Beach Wear
Scanty tops Cycling shorts
High heeled shoes Leggings
Track suits, shell suits etc. Jeans

Where to buy?
School sweatshirts and cardigans are available in school or “Lyons” of Hertford Road