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Carterhatch Lane, Enfield EN1 4JY
020 8804 2101
Carterhatch Junior School

At Carterhatch Junior School we believe your child’s success is built upon a partnership between the school, child and parents. We ask you to read and sign the following agreement to reflect this partnership.

As the child – I will:

  • Attend school regularly and on time.
  • Be responsible for my learning and behaviour.
  • Bring all the equipment I need every day and be tidy in appearance.
  • Do all my work at school and at home as well as I can.
  • Be polite, kind and helpful to all others.
  • Take care of the school’s equipment, our building and the school surroundings.
  • Follow the school values and recognise the rights and  responsibilities of myself and others.
  • Keep myself and others safe.

As the parent/carer – I/We will:

  • Make sure my child attends school regularly, on time and properly equipped for school.
  • Inform school of the reason for absence or lateness on the same morning.
  • Not book holidays during term-time.
  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines for learning and behaviour.
  • Support my child with homework and other home learning opportunities, including 20 minutes reading each evening and learning of spellings/times tables.
  • Attend Parents Evenings and discussion about my child’s progress.
  • Get to know about my child’s life at school.

As the school, we will:

  • Care for your child’s safety and happiness.
  • Support your child to achieve their best and make the most of all the opportunities given to them.
  • Provide a balanced curriculum at an appropriate level for your child.
  • Encourage high standards of behaviour through building self respect, good relationships and a sense of responsibility.
  • Take account of your child’s feelings and needs through listening to them and valuing what they say.
  • Keep you informed of your child’s progress and about general school matters.
  • Be open and welcoming and offer opportunities for you to become involved in the general life of the school.