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Carterhatch Lane, Enfield EN1 4JY
020 8804 2101
Carterhatch Junior School

We actively encourage good communication  between home and school. Teachers and the Headteacher  are always available on the playground at the end of each day. Alternatively you can make an appointment to see them via the school office.

Teacher / Parent Evenings

We hold two formal Teacher/Parent evenings per year, the first in the autumn term (October), to enable teachers and parents to get to know each other early in the school year and the second close to February half term. Your child will be welcome at these meetings. At the end of the summer term, your child will bring home his/her report.

Parent Governors

Two  Parent Governors are members of the School Governing Body. They bring a parents perspective to the Governing Body. They are a direct contact for you and can liaise between the Headteacher and Governors on your behalf.  All parents are invited to put themselves forward for election as a vacancy arises on the Governing Body.

Curriculum Information Sheets

At the beginning of each term, you will receive a curriculum information sheet, giving a brief account of the work the children will be doing during the term. This also contains suggestions of how you can support your child’s learning: please do all you can to put these suggestions into practice.


You will receive a weekly newsletter with dates of school events and general school news.


During the year, you will receive invitations to various events – Open Evenings,  Assemblies etc. Please attend as many as possible to share in the successes of all the pupils as well as your own child. To help you plan your attendance, a schedule of event dates are provided in our annual diary.